After working in the radio and television broadcast industry, specializing in agriculture, Bill Wilson founded Ag-Com Productions Ltd. with the intent to fill a void in the agricultural broadcast market. The first and still running project he tackled in 1983, shortly after incorporation was the "Prairie Farm Report" which has been on the air for almost 30 years. Aside from entertaining and informing Canadians about rural life and food production the PFR has become a highly popular international series airing across United States, the UK and Europe.

Although the PFR is the highly visible part of Ag-Com, it is a small part of the organization. Ag-Com's resume encompasses a vast array of credentials. From television productions outside of agriculture, to TV commercials, corporate and educational video productions for national and regional companies, an online DVD store promoting the world's largest collection of agricultural and rural life self help DVD's, which are entirely produced by Ag-Com: to an extremely popular online listing service where anyone can buy or sell their products or services on

With many years of experience in the television industry, Ag-Com for several years has used the internet to allow viewers to watch TV programs like the PFR. As a result it was a natural progression to incorporate on-demand streaming and live streaming and other web applications for their clients to utilize. Ag-Com has a complete package of services when it comes to television and video production. Ag-Com has producers, directors and writers that take clients right from the conceptual stage of a production, to editors with years of experience that work to create the exact product a client has been looking for.